EMS airflow


In modern dentistry, technology continues to play an important role in improving patient experience and overall oral health. One notable innovation that has gained recognition in recent years is the use of EMS airflow technology. Developed by Electro Medical Systems (EMS), this advanced system is transforming dental care by providing a more comfortable and efficient approach to various procedures.


Understanding EMS Airflow Technology:

EMS airflow technology is primarily associated with air polishing systems used in dentistry. Unlike traditional methods that involve scraping or manual scaling, air polishing utilises a mixture of air, water, and fine powder particles to clean teeth thoroughly. The fine powder, typically composed of sodium bicarbonate or glycine, is propelled onto the tooth surface with controlled bursts of air and water, effectively removing plaque, stains, and other debris.


Key Benefits for Patients:

Painless Cleaning:

EMS airflow technology offers a painless alternative to conventional dental cleaning methods. The gentle yet effective nature of the procedure reduces discomfort for patients, making it an ideal choice for those with sensitivity issues or dental anxiety.

Minimized Tooth Sensitivity:

Traditional methods of dental cleaning may contribute to increased tooth sensitivity, especially when hard instruments are used. EMS airflow minimises this sensitivity by utilizing a less abrasive powder and a controlled application process, preserving tooth enamel.

Comprehensive Stain Removal:

The fine particles used in air polishing effectively remove surface stains, leaving teeth looking cleaner and brighter. This is particularly beneficial for patients seeking cosmetic improvements to their smile.

Reduced Treatment Time:

EMS airflow technology allows for more efficient and quicker dental cleanings compared to traditional methods. This not only benefits patients with time constraints but also enhances overall productivity in dental practices.

Improved Periodontal Health:

The precision of EMS airflow technology enables thorough cleaning even in challenging areas, contributing to better gum health. Removing plaque and bacteria from these areas can aid in preventing periodontal diseases and maintaining optimal oral hygiene.

Efficient Plaque and Stain Removal:

EMS Airflow technology utilises a controlled stream of air, water, and fine powder to create a powerful yet gentle spray that effectively removes stubborn plaque and surface stains. This precise mechanism allows dental professionals to achieve a thorough and efficient cleaning process, enhancing the overall effectiveness of oral hygiene treatments.

Comfortable and Minimally Invasive:

EMS Airflow, unlike traditional scaling, is a less invasive technique that greatly reduces discomfort during dental cleanings. The gentle fine powder used is teeth- and gum-friendly, making it suitable for patients with sensitivity. This comfortable experience encourages regular dental visits, promoting consistent oral care.

Versatility in Treatment:

EMS Airflow technology is versatile and can be used for different dental treatments. Whether for regular cleanings or removing stubborn stains, it provides a comprehensive solution for maintaining optimal oral health. Dental professionals can customize the treatment based on individual patient needs, ensuring a tailored and effective approach.

Biofilm Disruption for Periodontal Health:

EMS Airflow stands out for its capability to disrupt and remove biofilm, a thin layer of bacteria on the tooth surface. By targeting and eliminating biofilm, this technology contributes to better periodontal health, lowering the risk of gum disease and promoting overall oral wellness.

Enhanced Patient Experience:

EMS Airflow not only offers clinical benefits but also improves the overall patient experience. The gentle and efficient cleaning process, along with reduced discomfort, creates a positive perception of dental visits. This encourages patients to keep regular appointments, promoting a proactive approach to oral care.


Revolutionary dental cleaning

Many dental professionals endorse EMS airflow technology for its positive impact on both the patient experience and the quality of dental care. The technology aligns with the industry’s ongoing efforts to embrace minimally invasive and patient-friendly approaches.

EMS airflow technology is undoubtedly making waves in the field of dentistry, revolutionising the way dental cleanings are performed. By prioritising patient comfort without compromising effectiveness, this innovative approach contributes to a more positive dental experience for individuals of all ages. As the dental industry continues to evolve, EMS airflow technology stands as a testament to the commitment to advancements that prioritise both patient satisfaction and oral health.