There are various treatments and procedures designed to hydrate the skin, addressing issues such as dryness, dehydration, and overall skin health. These treatments aim to restore moisture, improve skin texture, and promote a more youthful appearance.


Here are some common skin hydrator treatments:

Topical Moisturizers:

Using a good quality moisturizer is a basic and essential step in maintaining skin hydration. Moisturizers help prevent water loss from the skin and can contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, ceramides, and other humectants.

Facial Masks:

Hydrating facial masks, often formulated with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and glycerin, can provide an intensive boost of hydration. These masks are usually left on the skin for a specific period before being rinsed off.

Chemical Peels:

Some chemical peels, particularly mild ones, can help improve skin texture and hydration. These peels often contain ingredients like alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) or beta hydroxy acids (BHAs).


Microneedling involves the use of tiny needles to create micro-injuries in the skin, promoting collagen production. When combined with the application of hydrating serums, microneedling can enhance the absorption of these products, improving overall skin hydration.


HydraFacial is a non-invasive facial treatment that combines exfoliation, extraction, and hydration. It uses a specialized machine to cleanse and hydrate the skin, often incorporating serums containing hyaluronic acid and antioxidants.

AquaGold Fine Touch:

As mentioned earlier, AquaGold Fine Touch is a micro-delivery device that can be used to deliver a customised blend of ingredients, including hydrating substances like hyaluronic acid, directly into the skin.

Laser Treatments:

Some laser treatments can improve skin hydration by stimulating collagen production. Fractional laser treatments, for example, can target specific areas of the skin to promote rejuvenation and hydration.

Facial Augmentation Procedures:

Intradermal shots for facial augmentation procedures, such as those containing hyaluronic acid, can add volume and hydration to specific face areas, reducing the appearance of fine lines and creases.

We only use the best products to achieve the perfect skin, Facial Harmony proudly uses the following for our clients:

Nctf135 (Fillmed)

an anti-ageing product designed for intense revitalisation, hydration of tired or loose skin, the treatment of creases and optimising skin brightness & radiance.

Rejuran healer (Rejuran I, Rejuran S)

Rejuran Healer is a brand of skincare products and treatments that originated in South Korea. The key ingredient in Rejuran Healer products is polynucleotides (PN), which are derived from salmon DNA. These products are often promoted for their potential regenerative and anti-ageing properties.

Polynucleotides are chains of nucleotides, the building blocks of DNA and RNA. In skincare, it is claimed that the use of polynucleotides can help with tissue repair, collagen production, and overall skin rejuvenation. The idea is that by applying polynucleotides to the skin, you may promote healing and boost the skin’s natural regenerative processes.

Rejuran Healer products may come in various forms, including creams, serums, and ampoules, and are often used to address concerns such as fine lines, creases, and overall skin texture.

Rejuran Healer is placed in the inner skin layer by a series of minor procedures to activate the self-regeneration ability of the skin, improve the thickness of the epidermis and dermis and overall elasticity of the skin, keeping you looking youthful and achieving healthy skin.

Redensity 1

Redensity 1 is a facial rejuvenation product designed for facial rejuvenation and enhancement. It is part of the Redensity line of aesthetic products developed by Laboratoires Teoxane. Teoxane is a Swiss company known for its expertise in hyaluronic acid-based facial augmentation procedures.

Key features of Redensity 1 include:

  • Hyaluronic Acid (HA): Redensity 1 is formulated with hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the skin that helps maintain hydration and volume. HA fillers are commonly used in aesthetic medicine to address facial volume loss, creases, and fine lines.
  • Dermo-Restructuring Complex: Redensity 1 is often referred to as a “skin booster” because it contains a unique blend of ingredients known as the Dermo-Restructuring Complex. This complex typically includes amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that are believed to support overall skin health and vitality.
  • Indications: Redensity 1 is commonly used for the treatment of delicate areas such as the tear troughs (the under-eye area), where signs of aging and fatigue may be more apparent. It aims to improve skin hydration, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and enhance the overall quality of the skin.
  • Subtle and Natural Results: The formulation is designed to provide subtle and natural-looking results. The goal is to refresh and revitalize the skin without creating an overfilled or unnatural appearance.
  • Treatment Sessions: Redensity 1 is often administered through a series of treatment sessions for optimal results. The number of sessions required can vary based on individual needs and the desired outcome.

Juvederm Volite

Juvederm Volite is a hyaluronic acid (HA) facial rejuvenation product manufactured by Allergan, a pharmaceutical company known for its aesthetic and medical products. Hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally found in the skin that helps maintain hydration and volume. In cosmetic dermatology, HA fillers are commonly used to address signs of ageing, such as creases and loss of volume.

Juvederm Volite is specifically designed to improve skin quality and hydration rather than to add volume or contouring. It is often used for skin rejuvenation and to address fine lines, as well as to improve overall skin texture and elasticity. The treatment involves dosing the product into the skin, where it helps attract and retain water, resulting in improved hydration and a more youthful appearance.